Baylor Bears Judge Joy and Judge Lady Take Over Twitter

October 27, 2021
American black bear sitting on a green box with gold markings

They may not be blue-check verified on Twitter, but Judge Joy and Judge Lady – Baylor University's two American black bears who reside on campus in the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat – will make history as the first live college mascots to send a tweet on the popular social media platform.

Joy and Lady are taking to Twitter Friday and Saturday to stoke Baylor's rivalry with the Texas Longhorns as they prepare to depart the Big 12 Conference in the next few years. The newfound social media influencers will tweet – yes, really tweet – their unbridled enthusiasm about all things Baylor football, their no-bull, hot takes on life on campus and their raw opinions about their appetite for beef and, of course, apricots, honey and peanut butter.

While their typical tweets and posts via @BUBearHabitat are shared through the assistance of their dedicated student caregivers within the Baylor Chamber of Commerce, Joy and Lady will be able to share their tweets via a custom, paw-friendly Twitter app, mounted in a bear-sized wooden box placed in the Habitat.

The box houses a weight-sensitive mechanism activated each time either Joy or Lady steps onto or presses down on the box. When triggered, a carefully crafted tweet from Joy or Lady will be posted to the Habitat’s Twitter account, @BUBearHabitat. All tweets sent from the bears using this unique direct communication tool will be signed #BaylorHabiTweets.

Baylor fans who are in town for the big game should stop by the Baylor Bear Habitat – the first university facility in the world to receive AZA accreditation – to see our rising social media influencers and their custom Twitter app.